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Are you on the hunt for a reliable ride but are stressing out about your low credit score? Do you feel as though your credit score will get in your way of buying a vehicle? Many of us have been there at some point, and it is not exactly a place where anyone wants to be stuck. You might feel like you are trapped between a rock and a hard place. But guess what? There is hope! Here at Paradise Motors, we know all too well how life can throw you some financial curveballs. Sure, these challenges can be hard to get through, but we are here to help you get past them with our Buy Here Pay Here financing option. This program has already helped quite a few folks who have been in a jam, and we plan on being able to help many more.


The truth is that you can absolutely get the vehicle that you need despite your credit history. We strive to make accessing auto financing solutions easy. Let us show you how committed we are to delivering the most hassle-free car-purchasing experience possible. After all, this is about you getting the vehicle you need to make life’s plans go smoothly. You can’t put your life on pause, and we do not want to let that happen to you. Therefore, we are here to tell you how you can get a vehicle from us even if you have low or poor credit to your name.

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What Is Buy Here Pay Here Financing?


Buy Here Pay Here (otherwise referred to as BHPH) financing is a customer-centered approach that we here at Paradise Motors take to finance vehicles. We like to take a different route with how we do things since conventional lenders rely so heavily on your credit score. How does this work? Well, we are the lender! This means that you buy your vehicle directly from Paradise Motors and make all your payments directly to us.


What is the advantage of this approach? First and foremost, there are no credit checks. Our approval does not hinge on your credit score. We know that life is full of difficult times and that your credit history should not reflect your ability to repay a loan now and in the future. This approach opens the pathway to ownership for more people with lower credit scores or who simply have no credit history at all.


You also get the benefit of having quick and easy approval. Conventional lenders often drag things out, making for a time-consuming approval process. We don’t think that is necessary or helpful to our customers. That is why Paradise Motors has a BHPH financing process that is simple and snappy. You merely need to apply for financing, get approved, and drive off in the vehicle of your choice. This takes only a few hours, not days or even weeks, as the case can be with traditional lenders.


The way you pay is specific to your financial situation with our flexible payment options. Owning a vehicle should be affordable for everyone, and with BHPH financing, you will get those options tailored directly to your needs and budget. The Paradise Motors team will work closely with you to come up with a payment plan that best caters to your financial status.


This gives you a chance to build or rebuild your credit score, which can be vital for some folks. We do not demand that you have a high credit score to get approved, but we do report your on-time payments to the various credit bureaus. When you make regular, on-time payments on your vehicle, your credit score can increase over time. This gets you into the car you need now and allows you to boost your credit rating.


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When Is Buy Here Pay Here Applicable?


Is Buy Here Pay Here financing the right option for you? You might not be certain now. Let’s go through a few scenarios in which BHPH can work well for people. The first situation is probably obvious – you have a low credit score or no credit history at all. Maybe you have struggled with your credit in the last few years. Maybe you are young and haven’t had the chance to build any credit yet. Paradise Motors knows how to help, and we’ve worked with people with less-than-stellar credit scores. Rest assured that you can still purchase the vehicle that you need.


Having a vehicle repossessed can cause significant challenges when you go to get financed for a new vehicle. Thankfully, with our Buy Here Pay Here program, you get more leniency for things like a prior repossession. After all, we would prefer to get you back on the road! Have you recently declared bankruptcy? We won’t pass judgment on you if you have, and we understand how bankruptcy mars your credit report for many years. However, that does not mean you cannot get financing for a dependable, high-quality vehicle. Paradise Motors will assist you in rebuilding your credit score and regaining the financial foothold you want to get the things you need.


Living on a fixed income might get you turned down by other lenders. With our BHPH plan, you can get payment plans tailored to your budget. This makes it easier for those who receive fluctuating income, retirees, and those who receive disability pay to get approved for a vehicle. Life seems to enjoy throwing unanticipated obstacles in our paths, including the sudden loss of a vehicle and the need for dependable transportation. You have places you need to go. Buy Here Pay Here financing is a rapid solution to a major problem in which time is a serious constraint.


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Types of Vehicles Available at Our Dealership


You get a slew of choices when you come to Paradise Motors. In fact, if you are looking for General Motors (GM, for short) models that are a few years old but in great shape, we’ve got them! You can find durable and chic GM vehicles built before 2017 and models from that era made by other manufacturers. If you want a compact sedan, cavernous SUV, or workhorse of a pickup truck, we have a little something for every buyer.


With economic hardships hitting many people, buyers have been returning to the idea of owning high-quality, fuel-efficient sedans. There are plenty of great used sedans – including those made by GM – on our lot. Whether you are interested in a Chevy Cruze or a more luxurious (but still affordable) Cadillac CTS, we have choices to fit within the boundaries of your unique budget and preferences. The Chevy Impala is another fantastic choice since you can find this sizable and powerful sedan for a modest price. These vehicles have a lot of modern amenities, such as premium sound systems, Bluetooth connectivity, and various safety features geared at keeping everyone secure while on the road.


Maybe you need more space, possibly even more seats. If that is the case, we’ve got you covered! SUVs offer an astonishing amount of flexibility with cargo and passenger configurations. GM manufactures a lot of strong SUVs and has for many years. They offer ample cargo space and comfy seating for you, your family, and your pals. A used Chevy Trailblazer, Suburban, or higher-end GMC Acadia will serve you well for years, helping you with daily tasks or weekend excursions. No matter which one you choose, you will find that you get a lot of versatility from these SUVs.


Handling heavy-duty tasks isn’t for a vehicle that’s faint of heart. That is why we have a great selection of GM pickup trucks that can help you get the job done. Whether you are interested in a midsize model or a full-size workhorse, our inventory of trucks can be your best companion on the job and off. From the GMC Sierra Series to the well-loved Chevy Silverado lineup, Paradise Motors has you covered. Use these trucks for personal or professional use – it’s up to you, as they are great at pulling double duty.


Quality and reliability are important factors when it comes to finding a great used vehicle. That is why all our automobiles undergo strenuous inspections and have maintenance performed to make sure that each one meets our incredibly high standards for reliability and quality. We want our customers to drive off in vehicles that offer trustworthy performance for many years to come. Whenever something does go wrong, you can put your faith in our certified technicians working at our high-tech in-house service center. Receive ongoing repairs and maintenance to keep the vehicle you buy from us on the road.


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Visit Us Today to Get Started


Everyone deserves to get the opportunity to own a high-quality used vehicle, and this is something we take seriously here at Paradise Motors. Finding a dependable GM vehicle that is a few years old is made simple and available with our Buy Here Pay Here financing program. No matter what kind of financial hardships you’re enduring – whether you have low or no credit, have experienced some prior setbacks, or just need a high-quality pre-owned car – we are ready and able to help!


Do not let your financial situation and credit score deter you from experiencing the convenience and independence that comes with owning a car, truck, or SUV. You can visit us today to explore our massive inventory of high-quality used cars, talk with us about your different financing options, and take those critical first steps toward your dream of owning a snazzy new-to-you used vehicle. Our knowledgeable and personable team is here to aid you in snagging the perfect vehicle with the right financial plan to meet your needs.


We want to invite you to feel the Paradise Motors difference for yourself, and that starts with contacting us to find out if our Buy Here Pay Here financing program will work well for you. Paradise Motors is where your dream of owning a great car can turn into a reality. Contact us online, by phone, or by stopping in during our normal business hours to learn about how Paradise Motors can assist you on your path to a brighter automotive – and financial – future!