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Buying a Used Car: Budgets, Down Payments, and Maintenance

September 28th, 2022

<A close up shows a person holding a down payment at a used car dealership.
A used car may be more affordable than a new car, but it is still a major purchase. You have to consider a lot of different moving parts before you visit a used car dealership. Are your finances in order? What are you expecting as a monthly payment? What is your maintenance budget? Will you be putting a down payment on the used car? Will you be trading in your current vehicle in place of a down payment? All of these questions can make the experience of budgeting for a used car a challenging and sometimes headache-inducing process. Read More

SUV vs Minivan: Which Is the Better Family Car?

September 28th, 2022

A blue 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid is shown towing a boat after leaving a used car dealership in Lansing, MI.

Buying a vehicle for your family can be a real challenge for used car shoppers. Why? Because there is a lot to consider. Family vehicles have to do a lot of different things and fill multiple roles, which can make it quite difficult to pin down the best choice. If you're living in Michigan and you're looking for the right used vehicle for your family, you're probably going to have your choices narrowed down to an SUV or a minivan, especially if there are four or more of you. But how do you decide what to go with when you're browsing our inventory here at Paradise Motors, your used car dealership in Lansing, MI?

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