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It's time to upgrade your vehicle, but you're dreading the process because you know your credit score or lack of credit history will make it more difficult. But does this mean you can't purchase a vehicle until that three-digit number rises to credit-worthy status? Absolutely not. For those looking for a buy here pay here car lot in Waverly MI, look no further than Paradise Motors, with two locations conveniently located in Lansing.


At Paradise Motors, we can help you find a great affordable car regardless of your credit score or history. Is this too good to be true? While many dealerships claim to work with all types of credit, there are usually parameters or stringent requirements that customers with low credit scores or no credit histories can't meet. Rather than operate with transparency, these dealerships will lead you on until it's time to finalize the sale, wasting valuable time as you discover you don't qualify for financing.


As an award-winning dealership, we believe in doing things differently because every customer deserves the chance to get behind the wheel of a reliable vehicle they love. Financial struggles can affect anyone, but they shouldn't disqualify you from the opportunity to rebuild your credit with a car loan. At Paradise Motors, we're here to lay the foundation as you rebuild by serving as your dealership, lender, and repair center for all your automotive needs. What makes us the best? What does "buy here pay here" mean, and how can it impact your credit score and history? What can you expect to find on our lot and from our team? As your "buy here pay here" authority in the Waverly area, we're here with those answers and so much more.

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What Is a “Buy Here Pay Here” Dealership?

The most stressful part of any car-buying experience is financing or figuring out how you will pay for a vehicle. There are three options at a dealership: pay cash, finance, or lease. While paying cash is a great way to avoid monthly payments, most people don't have large amounts of money sitting in the bank or aren't willing to drain their savings to make a big purchase. For others, leasing a vehicle makes the most sense because they like the idea of getting behind the wheel of a new model every few years and are confident they can stay within the mileage and usage parameters of the lease.


That leaves financing as the most popular purchase option. If your credit score is high, financing a vehicle is generally hassle-free because lenders are more apt to approve you for a loan. However, if your credit score is low or you don't have a long or extensive credit history, financing can be stressful because very few lenders are willing to take the risk of approving the loan. Your low credit score or brief credit history doesn't generate confidence or show that you can responsibly handle your debt. The risk is often too high for a traditional lender to approve a car loan.


Paradise Motors isn't like a traditional dealership that works with a limited number of lenders. Instead, we operate as a "buy here pay here" dealership and have excellent working relationships with every major bank and credit union in the Lansing region. As a result, customers with low credit scores have more opportunities to finance a vehicle and rebuild their credit scores with every payment they make to our dealership toward satisfying the loan.

An Exceptional Inventory

There's a common misconception that people with low credit scores who don't qualify for a traditional automotive loan can't purchase a reliable vehicle. Instead, many people assume they'll have to choose from the worst models available; those with dents, dings, scratches, and long histories of accident involvement or extensive repairs. Fortunately, that's not the case at Paradise Motors.


Our customers deserve the best, and it's our responsibility to deliver and exceed your expectations. Over the years, we've earned numerous awards for this approach because we've redefined what it means to be a "buy here pay here" dealership. For Waverly drivers, that means reaping the benefits of an extensive inventory of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs with clean titles and a wide variety of features, conveniences, and luxuries. You'll find the perfect truck to help you navigate the slippery conditions that define our harsh winters just as readily as you'll find an efficient sedan to navigate your commute into Lansing or Grand Rapids. We even have dozens of SUVs ideal for families looking to venture beyond the city limits for a weekend getaway or a seasonal vacation.


This exceptional selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs also engineers confidence because you know you have only the best to choose from on our lot. How so? We are diligent about building our inventory, ensuring every vehicle passes a thorough inspection before being added to our lot. Our technicians assess every aspect of the model, ensuring it is safe and ready for the road before you ever say "yes" to the car, truck, or SUV of your dreams.

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How Paradise Motors Can Help You

Rebuilding your credit is a process that often feels like a never-ending cycle. You need a reliable vehicle to get to work, but your low credit score makes it nearly impossible to qualify for a loan. Without a car, you risk losing your job, and without a paycheck, it's impossible to pay your bills on time. Paradise Motors is here to help break the cycle.


As a "buy here pay here" car lot, Paradise Motors works with all types of credit. Our relationship with the major lenders in Lansing and the expertise of our finance department makes it possible to find the perfect vehicle for your needs and get approved for financing. We specialize in low-credit financing and are committed to helping you find the right financing plan for your needs. It's our way of breaking the endless cycle of bad credit that affects many hard-working individuals throughout Waverly and Lansing.


This expertise gives us a unique advantage over traditional dealerships that aren't willing to go the extra mile or take the risk. Paradise Motors doesn't see you as a risk but as part of our family. As part of that family, we're thrilled to help you find a reliable vehicle that will put you back on the road and help you rebuild your credit one mile at a time.

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Buy Here Pay Here With Paradise Motors

Are you ready to break the cycle and rebuild your credit? Or are you looking to establish your credit history by purchasing a reliable vehicle? Whatever the situation, Paradise Motors is here and happy to help. Named the "Platinum Used Car Dealer" by the Lansing community in 2022, Paradise Motors is the leading "buy here pay here" car lot in the region. Unlike many "buy here pay here" dealerships, we are determined to give every customer, regardless of credit score or history, the same opportunity to get behind the wheel of a car, truck, or SUV they love. You deserve it, and we're here to make the experience enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding.


Even more impressive is that our commitment to you doesn't end once the sale is final and we toss you the keys. As a "buy here pay here" dealership, you'll make your auto payments to us, but we also give you plenty of other opportunities to rely on our team as you navigate your new role as a vehicle owner. What do we mean? We're also a full-service repair center with certified technicians overseeing all your routine maintenance and repair needs, from oil changes and tire rotations to more complex transmission repairs. So whatever you need, Paradise Motors is here.