Bad Credit Car Financing Near Delhi Charter Township, MI

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Bad credit happens to good people. That's a fact of life. A medical event that amounts to massive bills, an emergency you needed to put on a credit card, student loans you got at predatory rates—these are but some of the reasons people with good intentions wind up with bad credit scores. However, even if you have a solid explanation for why your credit score is low, not all car dealerships are willing to work with you to finance a vehicle—but this isn't the case for Paradise Motors.


If you are looking for bad credit car financing near Delhi Charter Township, MI, pay us a visit and see what our knowledgeable and skilled finance team can do for you. We here at Paradise Motors specialize in helping shoppers with bad credit get behind the wheel of a new vehicle. Life doesn't stop just because your credit score took a temporary ding; we understand this, so we want to help you get back on track and back into a car that will keep you moving, working, and succeeding. Just because life events have impacted your credit score doesn't mean you don't deserve access to financing or quality vehicles. Stop by and talk to our team about financing for shoppers with bad credit.

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Shop Our Selection of Used GM Cars


GM manufactures some of the most popular and reliable vehicles on the road. From Chevrolet to Buick to GMC, we carry all of the names you love in one place, and we offer incredible deals on all our used vehicles. If you're looking for a used pickup truck for your business, check out a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or a Ford F-150. Should you need a pickup ready for serious hauling and towing tasks, ask what heavy-duty pickups we have in store.


If you're after a family-friendly, spacious SUV, we've got tons of those, from compact to midsize to full-size and three-row. We often even have hybrid options, meaning you can get a great price on a used vehicle and continue to see savings on fuel for years to come. And if you're after a smooth-handling, stylish sedan, we have plenty of those, too, from the Chevrolet Cruze to the Ford Fusion to the Buick LaCrosse.


One of the best things about GM vehicles is that their full lineup is diverse enough to appeal to all drivers. From Chevy's rugged pickups to Buick's luxury sedans to GMC's energetic off-roaders, there's something for everyone in the GM family of vehicles. We carry used GM vehicles of every make, model, and generation—as well as plenty from the likes of Ford, Nissan, Jeep, and Dodge—so visit us today and check out one of the widest selections of used vehicles you can find in one place!

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Get an Auto Loan Even If You Have Bad Credit


We know that life happens, and much of it happens unexpectedly. Still, some shoppers are denied loans at conventional lending institutions due to credit scores that are out of their control. That's why we offer Buy Here, Pay Here financing (BHPH). With BHPH financing, not only will you pick out your vehicle here, but you're guaranteed, too, to find financing here. Together, we will craft a loan and determine the best loan size, rate, and repayment term that works within your budget. We don't want you to spend time going to banks and credit unions that deny you financing due to your credit score. We will offer you financing, regardless of your credit, so you can drive off in a car that you love.


Our finance team has worked with thousands of buyers with bad credit. They are well-versed in perfecting loan packages for bad credit shoppers. They will ensure you wind up with a loan that you feel comfortable with, and there are no limits on which vehicles are available under a BHPH loan. So you can let out a sigh of relief and peruse our full lineup, knowing that when you find a car you love, our finance team will be ready to help you determine how to pay for it.


You can say goodbye to the nervous feeling of walking into a dealership, picking out a car, and dreading their response when they see your credit score. We're here to help—not to judge—because we believe good people with bad credit shouldn't be denied fair financing on great cars.


Build Back Your Credit, Get Back on Track


Many consumers with bad credit struggle to determine how they will rebuild their credit. That's where BHPH financing comes in. In making your payments on time with us, you will slowly build back your credit, thereby increasing your credit rating. So not only does our BHPH financing empower you to buy a vehicle, but it also helps put you back on track toward having good credit. From there, you can qualify for other loans in the future and even get access to some of the best rates once your credit score has been restored.


Once someone's credit score drops, we know it's hard for them to be approved for new lines of credit. This puts them in a tough position to rebuild their credit. We want to be a part of your credit repair journey. Talk to our finance team today about how our BHPH loans can help put you on the path to good credit. The world of credit reporting can be harsh, but we here at Paradise Motors believe in second chances. We take great pride in playing a small role in helping our neighbors improve their lives.


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Acquire a Vehicle, Accumulate Credit, Improve Your Life


We are so grateful when shoppers with poor credit walk through our doors and put their trust in our hands. We know that repairing one's credit can set them on a path toward a bright future, and we enjoy being a part of that. That's why we offer financing to all shoppers, regardless of credit score or credit history. You'll be amazed at what our finance team can put together for you. We don't want you to be stuck with overwhelming monthly payments; we'll work with you, tweaking your loan package until it's just right for you and your budget. You'll have a say in everything from the loan term to the loan size. We'll be your partner in finding the right vehicle and repairing your credit—a win-win-win scenario.


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We are proud to carry vehicles from General Motors, one of the most reputable and trusted automakers, with three legendary brands in their boughs. We carry Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC vehicles, in every make and model, as well as models from the likes of Ford, Nissan, Jeep, and Dodge. We work hard to bring you the best deals on the vehicles you love.


Our sales team is well acquainted with our entire inventory. Let them learn a bit about you and your needs so they can pair you with the best used GM vehicle on our lot. We have such an enormous selection that there is assuredly something for everybody. If you need a vehicle to work or to simply live your life, and other lenders have turned you down over bad credit, then it's time to visit us at Paradise Motors. We work together with our customers—regardless of their credit score—so they can get behind the wheel of a quality used vehicle.